Career Seekers/Apprentice

Apprenticeship is an industry-driven, high-quality career pathway where employers can develop and prepare their future workforce, and individuals can obtain paid work experience, classroom instruction, and a portable, nationally recognized credential.

Our goal is to partner with  mentoring salons, shops, studios and beauty industry apprentice candidates to provide oversight, reporting and fundamental training to enhance the on the job training provided by the training provider. We facilitate motivated individuals to realize sustainable careers within the beauty industry. We provide education, resources and a community in which to thrive. We make it our goal to make apprenticeship easy and fun for both the salon, shop, studio and the apprentice. We want the employer to remove a hat ~ pass it to us, because we strive to take people out of the kitchen, off of the porch and into amazing salon studios where they can GET A TRADE! GET A LICENSE! GET PAID! All three at the same time…

Thank you for your interest in our apprentice program. 

There are five key components of a Beauty Trade Apprenticeship. These components differentiate apprenticeships from other types of workplace training programs in several ways:

Black Girl Beauty Coach Amanda Manigault has been in the beauty industry for over 45 years. She’s passionate about helping you reach success in your beauty career. If you have a question about starting, growing, transitioning from your beauty careers; one of our programs, services or memberships; becoming a BGB partner or sponsor; or maybe you want to become a Black Girl Beauty salon or school franchise owner, click the button below to schedule a FREE 15 min. consultation with Amanda.

Choose Your Apprenticeship Program

Why wait years to gain skills and unleash your potential when you can start now? Become an apprentice to get started in the career you’re planning for, today. American workers and career seekers, like you, are looking for opportunities to fast track their career goals, avoid debt, and earn competitive wages. An apprenticeship program can put you on that career pathway today.

Our team has been dedicated to leadership, entrepreneurship and philanthropy in the beauty and performing arts industries for more than 45 years. They all work hand and hand when it comes to building a career/business. Today, we’re very excited and passionate about helping future professionals obtain licensing and/or certification in your program of choice. We look forward to watching you turn your passion into MAGIC!
It’s our quest to turn hobbies into $$$$.
Get talent out of the kitchen,
Off of the front porch and
Into our training programs partnered with our professional salons and studio mentors.
It doesn’t matter your circumstance…
We meet every learning style.
We offer a holistic and timeless experience and we put high focus on the kinesthetic learner.
You can attend a Traditional School on campus, one of our amazing apprenticeship campuses and/or learn right from the comfort of your own home…