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It’s More To Just Being A Hair Braider…

It’s Time To Master Your Hair Braiding Techniques!

We’re Helping Thousands Enhance Their Precision & Speed, Become Career Ready ~ All While Learning The Secrets To Building A Six-Figure Hair Braiding Business…

Don't Be Fooled! Some States Make It A Requirement To Attend A Full Cosmetology Program In Order To Be Licensed As A Hair Braider, Other States Have A Short Hair Braiding Program In Order To Become Licensed As A Hair Braider; Here At Black Girl Beauty School of Careers We Cover All Options. We are a Nationally Certified Hair Braiding Academy. We also offer hair braiding in our Cosmetology, Hair Designs and Natural Hair Stylist Programs. No matter which learning pathway you choose, we train our hair braiders to become top hair braiding experts, become career ready and/or open your own braid shop. This is a certificate program. Through the hair braiding program, we offer individual online courses, virtual 6-week training programs and LIVE-IN-PERSON Apprentice Program, where you earn-while-you-learn. Our trainers have a combined 65 years of hair braiding experience. Please follow your state law on Natural Hair & Braiding. If your state requires OR you are looking for licensing in hair braiding, please visit our page on "NATURAL HAIR STYLIST" licensing program. 

* RISING ABOVE Hair Braiders Academy’s online hair braiding courses are broken down into individual courses. Here you can take these course one skill at a time, from beginners to advance. These courses are available 24/7 from the comfort of your own home. Click on the link to your left to learn more.

* RISING ABOVE Hair Braiders Academy’s virtual hair braiding workshop is online at a specific time in a virtual learning classroom with an instructor and other students at the same time. Click on the link to your right to learn more.

* RISING ABOVE Hair Braiders Academy’s

LIVE-IN-PERSON Apprentice Program is where you earn-while-you-learn. This is a hybrid program where you receive your theory instruction online and your practical instruction through on-the-training. Click on the link to your left to learn more.

* RISING ABOVE Hair Braiders Academy’s full 6-figure hair braiding business course will set you apart from any braid competition that you have… * High standard of classroom and virtual training! * Learning resources, manuals and live demonstrations. * Learn practical skills in a teaching session delivered by our fabulous tutors. * Ask questions during the session, with demonstrations. * Network with other likeminded professionals learning the same as you. * Assures your skills meet industry standards.



*The objective of this program is to educate you to a degree of competence that will enable you to systematically and professionally perform the required skills of a Professional Hair Braider.


Vent Brush, Afro comb, Braid Comb, stitch braid finger tool, crochet needle, 2 sewing needles, thread, six clips, squirt bottle, braid mannequin, mannequin stand, product package, tripod, braiding hair, tshirt, bag, book, certification.


I came to Ms. Amanda’s LEARN HOW TO BRAID workshop not knowing how to do anything but plat hair.  Now I know how to cornrow, I know how to do feed-ins and sew-ins.  And I now have confidence in my hair braiding.  
  Thank you Ms. Amanda!
Destini Jackson
Braid Student

I’ve been a hair braider for some time now.  But I learned a new braid technique on how to start my hair braids when adding extensions!  I love Ms. Amanda’s technique.
​Thank You Ms.  Amanda!
Trinity Stransbury
Cosmetology Student/Aveda Art & Sciences
I didn’t know how to do anything with braids prior to this workshop.  The fact that I learned how to do basic braids, all the way to two and three strand twists back to learning sew-
 in weaves, it was just good to learn so much in one day.  But the teamwork and
 confidence built was amazing as well!  I’m now confident enough to braid hair,
 after taking this class.  Now that I’ve learned from best “Ms. Amanda” I feel like I AM THE BEST!   
Devin Pittman
Cosmetology Student, Pro Way Beauty School
I really enjoyed Ms. Amanda’s Learn How To Braid Workshop.  I was excited to learn how to do feed-in braids.  I have been a hair braider for a while, but I was struggling with feed-ins until I took Ms.  Amanda’s class. Now I’m ready to go make plenty of money!
Quierra Brownlee
Cosmetology Student/Atlanta Area Tech
I’m only 16 yrs old, but I’ve been braiding hair for a while.  I came to the LEARN HOW TO BRAID workshop so I can learn how to perfect my braiding skills.  Today I learned how to do that and I also learned Ms. Amanda’ technique on starting my braids with extensions as well as her knotless technique for individuals.  It came out very well for my first time and I Thank Ms. Amanda for helping me to improve my skills as a hair braider!
Abriahna Spruill
Braid Student
My name is Neishta  and I’m from Los Angeles California. My mother was a hairstylist, so I was raised in the beauty industry. I enjoyed Ms. Amanda’s LEARN HOW TO BRAID workshop.  I loved how everything tied in, we started with the basic corn rolling and ended up working all the way to create the foundation for our sew-in weave.  I learned crochet braids, and how to achieve different looks using different textures of hair.  It was a great class.  I enjoyed every moment of it!    
Neishta Fields
Cosmetology Student/Atlanta Area Tech

I learned how to do senegalese twists, feed-in braids and I improved my overall braiding skills.  Awesome Class!  Ms. Amanda did a great job!
Drionna Knight
Cosmetology Student/Pro Way Beauty School
The best money spent on my business so far! I travelled almost 300 miles from Sumter, SC to Atlanta, GA for this workshop.  I learned 2 strand twist, sew-ins, cornrows, interlocking, knotless braids and feed-ins.  I’m a certified sister locks consultant and I will now be able to add another service to my business.  
Karen D. Shelley
Owner/Locks By K. Sumter, SC
Braiding is Amazing when you take Ms. Amanda’s class!  We did everything from sew-ins to weaving, braiding, networking, collaborating, positivity, feed-in braids and senegalese twists.
Ms. Amanda is Amazing!
Ryan Hawkins
Cosmetology Students/AVEDA Art & Sciences

I absolutely enjoyed my experience with Ms. Amanda.  I can say her energy/personality is amazing! Her teaching ability/skills are impeccable, and I actually learned a whole lot, especially with braid techniques I absolutely had no confidence in.  (And if you know me, I’m very confident 101) 

​I thank you Ms.  Amanda!
DeAndre Nicco Nice
Cosmetology Student/Pro Way Beauty School

Q: What The hair braiding courses help me achieve?
A: RISING ABOVE Courses are designed to take your business to the next level. They will help you launch, grow and scale your business to generate leads and sales. If the blueprint is followed, it can ultimately lead to a six-figure income. Each plan takes you a step higher to achieve your goals. There is no hair braiding program around that can offer what we do.  We are simply the best!

Q: Will I need additional information?
A: You'll have everything you need to launch, grow and scale up your business all on one platform. Easy to understand and master at your own pace. You'll also have access to a support team.

Q: Will I meet with other like-minded professionals?
A: Once you become a member and join our community forum, you will have access to other like-minded professionals in your industry and other industries.  This will provide you with the opportunity to network, tap into knowledge from others and share information. It's a great support system and guides you as you build your business. 

Q: Will I have a hair braiders license upon completion
A: Upon completion of the course, you will be a certified hair braider from RISING ABOVE School of Hair Braiding. We will give you a Certificate of Completion. We will also assist in helping you meet the qualifications to become licensed in your state IF it is required by your state. Each state is different. 

Q: Does my state require a license for hair braiders?
Every state has their own requirements. Please contact your state board to check your state laws & regulations.

Q: What if my state DOES require additional hours in the classroom?
A: Black Girl Beauty School of Careers can help you obtain additional hours needed depending on your state requirements. Please contact your state board of cosmetology to learn more about your state requirements. 

Q: Can I get a refund if I decide I don't want the Hair Braiding Courses?
A: Follow the Rules & Regulations in your school catalog.

Q: Are Classes Online, LIVE or VIRTUAL?
A: RISING ABOVE School of Hair Braiding is offered 3 different ways.

VIRTUALLY, you can attend at a designated time with an instructor to guide and assist you for 5 days.

LIVE, you can attend in person at a designated time and location with an instructor to guide and assist you step-by-step in 2 days.
ONLINE, you can attend from the comfort of your own home at any time, at your own pace...

Q. Can I get financial aid to attend Hair Braiding School?
Black Girl Beauty School of Careers currently do not offer financial aid. However, we do have 3rd party loan agencies that offer student loans and no-interest payment plans.

  • Become a Natural Hair Stylist
  • Become A Hair Braider
  • Open A Natural Hair & Braid Shop

Q. Requirements for enrolling in Black Girl Beauty School of Careers:

  • Students must have a high school diploma/GED/High School Transcript with completion of the 10th Grade.
    • Students must provide a copy of Birth Certificate, Social Security Card, and Driver’s License.
  • Student’s Must Complete Interest Form
  • Enrollment Fee of $50.00 Due at time of enrollment.
  • Student’s Must Complete Application​
  • Student’s Must Pay Deposit
  • 2 Intake Interviews
  • Tuition Loans and/or Payment Plans Are Available Through Our 3rd Party Loan Agencies After Initial Deposit Is Submitted​​

**All incoming students must attend an orientation which will be held on the 1st day of class. During orientation the student will learn about responsibilities and standards, the format of the program, the progression of the program, and how performance will be measured.