Continuing Education

“Our CE programs are nationally recognized”

Welcome to “ CONTINUING EDUCATION” for the beauty and barber industry leaders and educators.  Our online CE Certification allows for you to access and complete classes anywhere at any time.  All of our classes are designed to help raise the bar of education and training, enhance the beauty & wellness industry as well as increase your revenue. Whether you need CE certification to meet your state requirements, or simply want to enhance your skillset or educator skills, these courses will enrich your personal and professional knowledge.  

Even after receiving a cosmetology license, most states require cosmetologists to take continuing education courses before they can renew their licenses. Continuing education helps ensure that cosmetologists are up to date with industry techniques, laws, safety, and best practices. Even when not required to earn continuing education credits, cosmetologists may opt to take courses anyway. If you’re licensed as a cosmetologist, barber, braider, hair designer, nail technician, natural hair stylist, esthetician or instructor; almost every state requires continuing education before renewal. We’re updating our state list daily. Check out our CE courses and let me help you renew your license. All courses are 100% online. It’s a quick, easy and informative process!​

Continuing education helps cosmetologists learn new techniques and stay on top of trends. They can also take continuing education courses to enhance classes to become master cosmetologists or cosmetology instructors.

*Read and Learn at your own pace
*No Testing or Examination Required

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“​Below are the Approved States That We Offer Certification.”

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1. Are you an approved continuing education provider?
Yes, we currently offer continuing education to the following states:

Georgia Cosmetology (Certified)
Nevada Cosmetology (Certified)
Nevada Barbering (Certified)
North Carolina (does not regulate providers, however our courses meets the requirements for certification.)

2. Do you offer Health and Sanitation?
Yes, our 3-hour and a 4-hour health and safety class depending on your state requirements.

3. What do I need to do in order to renew my license?
In order to renew your license, you must complete the mandatory hours required by your state. Please check the list of states that we offer CE hours. Those states meet the requirements for you to renew your license. Your state may also charge an additional renewal fee.

5. Will you provide me with a certificate of completion?
Yes, as soon as you have completed the class, you will be able to download/print a certificate of completion.

6. Who qualifies for a waiver of continuing education requirements?
Each state requirements are different. Please check your state requirements on your state board website.

However, for the state of Georgia, The first time you renew your license you are not required to meet the CE requirements. Every renewal after that, you must complete five (5) hours of continuing education every two (2) years in order to renew your license for master cosmetologist, esthetician, nail technician or hair designer. A licensee who has held a license for 25 years or longer is eligible for a waiver of the continuing education requirement; or A licensee who can prove to the Board that he or she has a hardship may request a waiver. The waiver request form may be downloaded HERE Reinstatement applications ARE NOT eligible for a waiver of continuing education; Georgia law O.C.G.A. 43-10-10 requires documentation must be submitted for all required continuing education hours since the date the license lapsed. Additional information may be found on the reinstatement application. The Georgia State Board of Cosmetology and Barbers cannot waive this statutory requirement.

7. When does my license expire?
Each state is different. Please visit the CE page above and click on your state for the licensing details and requirements of your state.

8. Do you offer any continuing education training that is not online or correspondence?
All our continuing education certification is offered online. We do offer CE vouchers with some of our workshops and classroom courses. Those vouchers still require you to take the courses online. We find that most students prefer to complete their continuing education online on their computer, smartphone, or tablet – or out of our course booklet.

9. Do I need to provide my certificate to the state board to prove that I completed my continuing education when I renew my license?
Every state is different. While some states require that you download or mail your certificate when you renew other states require you to have it upon request. However, your information is always available in our database and is available to the state board for verification. Always keep your certificate in a safe place to have available upon request.

10. Do I have to finish the entire course in one sitting?
No, you can complete your entire course today, or over the course of several days, picking up right where you left off. However we have created our courses to stay simple and easy for you to access and complete within a short period of time. Courses are also available for you to download to review as often as necessary.

11. Can I take this course on my phone?
Yes, our courses are mobile compatible. You can take our courses on your smartphone or tablet, in addition to our computer or home study versions.

12. Do you renew my license for me?
No. We only provide certification for your continuing education hours. Completing your continuing education credits does not complete the renewal of your license. Once you have completed all of your required continuing education, you must pay the renewal fee required by your state.

13. What if I still have questions about completing my continuing education?
No problem. Just call our continuing education specialists at (888-767-4585 ext. 104) or email us at and they can walk you through what you need to do to complete your Illinois cosmetology continuing education requirements.

14. Do I have to be in my state to complete the courses?
No. Our courses are online. It doesn’t matter 
where you are physically located, if you want to complete our cosmetology continuing education courses they can be completed online no matter where you’re at 24/hours per day. 

15. Do you report my results to the Board of Cosmetology/Barbering?
Each state is different. Some require that we report the list monthly while others require that we verify upon request.  At the time of license renewal, each licensee shall certify to the State Board of Cosmetology and Barbers that he/she has completed the required continuing education. If the board deems necessary to request verification for any reason we will verify upon request.

16. How does this course work?

  1. Purchase the online course. Then you will receive a receipt that has a unique link to your course. This receipt will also be sent to your email.
  2. Click the course link in the receipt to access the course registration page. Here you will be prompted to enter your name, email, and license number.
  3. Start the course! You can complete the course at your own pace, and the best part is that there is no final exam! Once you’ve completed the course you will automatically receive your certificate of completion. You can download, print, and save the certificate for your records.