Black Girl Beauty School of Careers – TENNESSEE is an apprenticeship school that offers synchronous learning. This approach offers an Apprenticeship Learning Pathway through Distance Learning (virtual) for the theory with an instructor guiding you every step of the way virtually and Apprenticeship Learning (on-the-job training/journeyman) with a licensed professional mentor in the salon setting. This learning pathway was designed for the new millennial generation of students who are creative, strong, self-motivated and fast paced learners who desire to learn and grow outside of the traditional campus environment. It’s also a great opportunity for those who have been practicing beauty from home, financially unable to attend school, already have model clientele and want to transition to become a professional to learn and build a career. The on-the-job, journeyman training allows students to build a paying clientele in a professional salon under the mentorship of a licensed stylist/mentor. The licensed mentor serves as the liaison/trainer for hands-on-training. Students are tested for theory after the first 1/2 of training. Students must pass the state theory exam and meet all the schools academic and financial requirements before moving on to the on-the-job salon training with a professional mentor. Upon completing the second 1/2 of training, the student will test for the practical exam. We accept students starting at sixteen (16) years old.

Synchronous online learning allows students to attend class from anywhere, virtually each week with instructors and classmates. Students participate in real-time discussions during class time each week, at the same time as your instructor and classmates. Synchronous learning educators and the students in the course engage with the course content and each other simultaneously but at different locations. Students improve presentation skills while networking and making connections with classmates



Our team has been dedicated to leadership, entrepreneurship and philanthropy in the beauty and performing arts industries for more than 45 years. They all work hand and hand when it comes to building a career/business. Today, we’re very excited and passionate about helping future professionals obtain licensing and/or certification in your program of choice. We look forward to watching you turn your passion into MAGIC!
It’s our quest to turn hobbies into $$$$.
Get talent out of the kitchen,
Off of the front porch and
Into our training programs partnered with our professional salons and studio mentors.
It doesn’t matter your circumstance…
We meet every learning style.
We offer a holistic and timeless experience and we put high focus on the kinesthetic learner.
You can attend a Traditional School on campus, one of our amazing apprenticeship campuses and/or learn right from the comfort of your own home…